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Fluke-120B Scopemeter data transfer process using Optical to USB cable and WiFi adapter

The purpose of this article is to review how to transfer data from the Fluke-123B, Fluke-124B and Fluke-125B Scopemeter. It's important that the firmware be at the latest level and at this time of writing the article the latest firmware is V1.14. Here is the location on the Fluke website to obtain the latest firmware. 


If the data file is either a ScopeRecord or TrendPlot file you can only transfer the data using the WiFi adapter (D-Link DWA-131).

If the data file is either a Waveform or Screen save file you can only transfer the file using the Optical to USB cable (OC4USB cable). 

You need to purchase the Flukeview2 software if you don't have it. The model number for the Flukeview2 is Flukeview-2 SCM. 

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