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Fluke Connect Desktop software Adding Company Header and Footer

Here are the steps I followed to change the Company Logo.
Step 1. I went to the location of the images I wanted in my Report and highlighted all of them in this case 16 images and left click on the Report Icon (I circled in red below). 

Step 2. I selected Basic Thermal Imaging and left click on the Continue button. 

Step 3. The Basic Thermal Imaging Report has the Fluke Logo and to change it you left click on the Fluke Logo. 

Step 4. In the window below left click on the Fluke Log and then left click on the Insert tab and then left click on the Picture Icon. 

Step 5. Search you computer for the Logo you want a select it and left click the Open button. 

Step 6. If the Logo is to large or small you can resize the image by dragging the corner of the image to fit the size you want. Click on the Home tab and click on Apply Changes. 

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