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Fluke-902FC Backlight Automatic turns off after 2 minutes adjustment procedure

The purpose of this article is to show how to adjust the Fluke-902FC from the backlight turning off after 2 minutes.

What you need to do is hold down the AC/DC button (see below picture button circled in red) and then turn on the Fluke-902FC (it doesn't matter which mode), the display will show all the segments (see example picture below) tap the Backlight button (circled in red) do not hold it down just tap it and the screen will change to LoFF which means the Automatic Backlight turn off after 2 minutes feature has been turn off and the backlight will not turn off automatically. Go ahead and let go off the AC/DC button and you are ready to use the Fluke-902FC and when you turn on the backlight by pushing the backlight button, it will not turn off unless you push the backlight button or turn off the Fluke-902FC.  

The next time you turn on the Fluke-902FC it will default back to the backlight turning off after 2 minutes unless you follow the procedure written above. 



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