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How to create a NEC 220.87 Load Study using Energy Analyze Plus software

Verify current version of Energy Analyze Plus software.



Or you can verify 


If you do not have the latest version here is the location on the Fluke website. 

Launch Energy Analyze Plus and open the desired file for evaluation.



Select NEC220.87 from the dropdown list and select the period for evaluation.

1. Period for evaluation defaults to all, but one week evaluation or period can be selected.

2. Various time ranges can be selected from the drop down or the specific date and time can be adjusted in 15-minute

Note a recording time under 15 minutes cannot be evaluated.


Enter details about the panel and loads.

1. Maximum load the electrical panel supports.
2. Breaker type used in panel. Default are 80% rated breakers.
3. Season loads if any like cooling for example.
4. Loads that might currently be offline during the recording.
5. The reason behind the study. What additional load is to be added.



Generate the report.




Connected Load Study details.

1. Highest average load 15-minute intervals.
2. Highest continuous 3-hour load.
3. Total connected load includes adjusted MAD of 125% with
    added seasonal adjustments and known non-operating loads.
4. Minimum average load 15-minute intervals.
5. Available continuous load which is based on the breaker rating of the panel so for         example 80% of the panel rating less the current highest continuous 3-hour load.
6. Panel rating less the total connected load.



Final Load Study Analysis

1. Total connected load plus planned additional load.
2. Panel current rating less the projected load.
3. The maximum continuous load divided by the total connected
   load times 100.
4. Planned additional continuous load % times the
   planned additional adding the maximum continuous
5. Circuit breaker rating based on 80% or 100% rated
   breakers less the projected continuous load.


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