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Fluke-1750 How to set Event triggers

The purpose of this article is showing how to set Event triggers for the Fluke-1750.

1. Plug Fluke-1750 into wall outlet.

2. Plug Ethernet cable into Fluke-1750 and the other end of cable into PC.

3. Launch Fluke-1750 software on your computer called Fluke Power Analyze.

4. It may take a few minutes for the automatic IP address to be synced to your computer but once that is complete look at the top left corner of the program for a drop down arrow and click on it to see a Fluke-1750 and select it. 

5. Select 1750 Setup Icon located left hand side of the software window.

6. The section of the 1750 setup window to focus on is the Configuration section. This section drives how the Fluke-1750 evaluates the circuit and captures events. In the picture below the Power Configuration selected is 3-ph Wye which means the 1750 is evaluating the measurements using the neutral channel as the point of reference and measuring neutral to each phase. The nominal voltage section sets the voltage level for the standard to determine Swells, Dips and Interruptions. In the picture below it’s set to 120V and the Event Limits list the trigger levels for capturing those events. A common misunderstanding is for someone to change the nominal voltage Phase – Neutral in the example to 480V but since the 1750 is measuring phase to neutral it will not measure 480V since that level would be a phase to phase measurement. If you need to measure phase to phase change the Power Configuration to 3-ph Delta. 

7. When you are done select the Apply button at bottom right corner to apply the settings to the Fluke 1750.

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    Mohd Hanif

    if we were to wrongly set the connection as 3 wye connection but the nominal voltage is set at 400V , anything to worry about . rated voltage is 400V phase to phase and 230 V Phase to Neutral

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