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VR1710 How to set Event triggers.

The purpose of this document is review setting the Event triggers for the VR1710. The steps to review the settings are the following:

1. Plug VR1710 into wall outlet.
2. Plug USB cable into VR1710 and your computer.
3. Launch the Power Log Classic software.
4. Verify you are connected to VR1710, top left corner of Power Log Classic software has drop down window click on drop down and select VR1710.       5. Select VR1710 Setting icon in Power Log Classic software.                     6. The setting window has three parameters related to setting Event triggers. Dip threshold, Swell threshold and Transient sensitivity. In the screen example the outlet voltage is 120V and the Dip and Swell is set for a 10% deviation from 120V (Dip 108V and Swell 132V). The Transient sensitivity can be set between 2V to 20V which is related to the waveform shape changing anywhere within the cycle of the waveform. 

You are now ready to unplug the VR1710 from the computer and the outlet and plug it into the circuit you want to evaluate. 

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