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How to sign in to the Fluke Help Center

Welcome to the Fluke Help Center!  It's easy to return to this site at any time, just enter in your browser and it will bring you here.

Public users are free to browse our library of Knowledge Base articles, which provide technical support 24 hours per day. Additional features like viewing the status of your support requests and submitting new requests may require you to sign in by clicking the Sign in button near the top right of your screen.

No matter which sign-in option you select, there really is no wrong choice. The system won't allow you to re-register an email address that already exists, and will lead you to the correct sign-in screen.

  • If you already have an account, please sign in using the same method as before using the top section of the sign-in screen shown below. You can sign in using a username and password, or with a supported social media account.
  • If you haven't logged into our site before or if you aren't sure, please use one of the two options near the bottom of the sign-in screen shown below. There is a signup section for brand new users and a place to create a password for users who have emailed Fluke Tech Support in the past but haven't signed into the Help Center yet.

We hope you enjoy using our Help Center and thank you for visiting!


Agent sign-in instructions for Fluke employees

This section is for Agents and Light Agents who typically work for Fluke.  Your login instructions are slightly different than a normal end-user since our Zendesk is configured to authenticate your account using Single-Sign-On (SSO).  You can sign in from here (the Help Center), or click on a ticket ID link from one of our notification emails.

From the Help Center (this site), click the Sign In button near the top right of the screen. Do not fill in an email or password. Instead, click I am an Agent (circled in red in the screenshot below).

Enter your corporate email address and password.  The same login screen appears when you try to view the agent web interface for tickets; log into it with the same instructions.

Once you are signed in to the Help Center as an agent, you can also navigate to the agent web interface by clicking the drop-down menu near your name and selecting Open agent interface.

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