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Fluke-1742, Fluke-1746, Fluke-1748 Verify the USB driver installed on your computer

This purpose of this document is to guide you through how to verify the Fluke-1742, Fluke-1736, Fluke-1738 USB driver installed on your computer.
1. Turn on Instrument.
2. Plug USB cable into Instrument, plug other end into your computer USB port.
3. Go into your computers Device Manager to verify if the USB driver installed automatically by looking in the Network adapters directory. The Instrument will be listed as RNDIS. 

4. If driver did install launch the Energy Analyze Plus software and click on 174X Setup button top left corner of window. 5. The next step is to select the Fluke-1748 with serial number USB +.  6. You are now communicating to your Fluke-1748 and you can review the following parameters Instrument, Topology, Measurement, Event Triggers, Connection Verification, Aux Probes and Logging. 


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