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A How to set the triggering threshold for capturing Events for the Fluke-1738

The purpose of this article is to show how to set the triggering threshold for capturing Events for the Fluke-1738. The voltage Events can be Dips, Swells, Interruptions and Slow Transients. The current Event is called an Inrush Current.

To review the Voltage setting you need to push the Meter button and then tap on the screen Change Configuration box.

The voltage Event trigger is based on a fixed +/- 10% deviation from the nominal voltage you pick in the configuration screen. One of the example pictures below show the nominal voltage at 120V, the Topology is set to 3 Phase WYE which means the meter measures voltage Phase to Neutral.

The other picture shows the Topology set to 3 Phase Delta which mean the meter measure the voltage Phase to Phase and the nominal voltage set to 208V. 

The other Event trigger is related to Inrush Current. You should stay in the Change Configuration screen and push the blue F4 button to choose Show Menu, scroll down the list and highlight Events and push the Enter button. Scroll down highlight Inrush Current and push blue button F3 to choose Edit, type in the level of current you want to trigger on and push Enter. 

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