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Fluke-287, Fluke-289 - Connecting to FlukeView Forms

What you will need:

1) Fluke 287 or 289 multimeter

2) IR189USB, IR/USB cable (Rev. II)

3) FlukeView Forms v3.8

4) Operating system: Windows 7 , 8, 8.1 or 10


Connecting to FlukeView Forms:

  • First, connect the meter to your PC using the IR189USB cable.
  • Next, start up FlukeView Forms. The software will search all available COM Ports and locate your device.
  • If successful, a window will appear and ask if you want to “Get Meter Data”. This might take a few seconds.
  • Select 'OK' to view the meter's memory. 


  •  If the 'Get Meter Data' window does not automatically display, check the bottom right corner of the software window. There should be a COM port # listed and the cable diagram should be complete without a red block signal.


  • When the software cannot connect to your device and/or locate the COM port, the issue could be that the IR189USB cable driver is not properly installed. Please feel free to view the article: "IR189USB - Installing Drivers" for further assistance.

Another possible issue for not being able to connect or download data is the IR189USB REV II cable is defective. Here is a picture of the latest version of the IR189USB REV II cable. If you don't have this type of sticker on it purchase a replacement. 


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