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Power Log Classic Creating A Report

There are 2 different ways to make a report with the Power Log Classic depending on what you want to see.


Export data and Print report

First the Print Report, when you click on the Print Report Button it will pop up with the Report Writer Assistant.



This gives you the options of what you can have on the report. Checked functions are recorded functions and the greyed out are things that did not get recorded. You can uncheck things you do not want on the report. When you have what you want on the report checked off you will click the ok button.


Then the Print window will open and you will be able to select a printer or PDF or some others depending on your computer. Once you select how you want to print or save the information, you will click the OK. If you selected a printer it will print out on that printer if you do a PDF or something similar you will get a Save print output window. You will need to give your report a name at File name and at the top it will be where the file is going to save the file.




Then click the save button and it will save the report. Then you will go to the location you saved in and double click the file.


This report is mostly graphs.


Next we will make an excel report that has all the numerical values. Start by having a file open and either go to file and export data or click the export data icon.



This will bring up the export assistant 


Then select the items you want on the report and give it a file name click the save as button 


This will bring up the save as screen where you will select a location to save the at and a file name.


Then click the save button

Now that we have the file saved and in a location we can open a blank excel work book


Now we can select file and open and browse

Where it says all excel files you will need to change to all files and select the location of the file


Then you should see your text file that you saved highlight and click the Open.


This will bring up the import wizard you should be able to click next, next, and finish.



You should then have your excel report.



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