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Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II, Fluke-437-II, Fluke-438-II Duration and Average Trend Interval

The purpose of this article is to review the Duration and Average Trend settings.

Here are some pictures to help reviewing the Duration and Average Time settings.

Step 1. Turn on Meter.

Step 2. Push Setup button circled in red below

Step 3. Push Blue F4 (Manual Setup) button.


Step 4. Push Blue button F3 (Function Pref).


Step 5. Scroll down the list and highlight Trend and push Enter.


Step 6. Review the Trend setup preference list:

The default setting for Duration is 7 days and the Average Time 1 minute. The recording will stop after the 7 days so if you want to record longer make sure and go into this menu to change the Duration. You push the left or right arrow keys to increase or decrease the Duration.

The Average Time is not the sampling speed of the meter when gathering data. The sampling speed for RMS readings is 200ms and will update with the Minimum, Maximum and Average results for each Average Time and continue that process until the recording has stopped.


Once you have modified the settings they will not change unless you go back and change them.

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