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Energy Analyze Plus Creating a EN50160 report

For the Fluke-1738 you have a report that the other 3 units do not have and you will find it in the Project Manager. Skip to * for different reports or for the Fluke-1732, 1734, 1736, or the 1738.


You can select the Limit Settings you want to use from this selection. I will use the EN50160


Then you push the report button and it will make a PDF report that you will save.

*If you have a Fluke-1732, 1734, or 1736 you will have to make this kind of report the Fluke-1738 also can do these next type of reports.

First we will talk about the build your report and to do this you will go through the data and click the Add Bookmark button.




Once you have gone through all the data and added the bookmarks you will go to the report tab.


You will see the project manger and your bookmarks on the left.


Now we have to move the icons on the left to the right to make a report. You will see plus's next to the titles of the bookmarks if you click them they will turn to a minis and open, you will see what your report will look like.


Now that we have the report made we push the Export report button.



The save as window will come up and make sure to know the location you are saving and give it a name. Then push the save button.


Then you will have your PDF report.

One last type of report an excel spread sheet of all the numerical values. To do this one we use the Advanced tab.


You will select what you want on the spread sheet using the graph options(see above)

Click on the + next to Graph options and it will open as shown below.


Click on the configure button to select functions you want on graph


This is where you will select what you want on your graph which in turn will give the numerical readings the unit took based on the interval time that was set on the unit at the time of recording. You are allowed 36 channels.


If you select to many channels you will see the message above and you will have to deselect some channels see below.


When you have what you want selected and you have less than 36 channels you can click the ok button


You can select what you want to see on the graph with the selection on the right. You can also look at the numbers of the graph by selecting the + and - on the left.


Now that we have the numbers we can export them to an excel spread sheet. You will do a right mouse click on the data and export grid will come up to select. This will bring up a save window to save the file as a .txt file.


Now that we have the .txt file saved we can open a blank excel workbook to open the file in. Once you have a blank excel workbook open you will want to go to the file at the top left and click on the open and browse your computer.


This will open up an open window and to see your .txt file you will need to select all files in the drop down that says all excel files.


Also will have to select where the file was saved at.


Click on the file and click the open button. Which will bring you to the Import wizard step 1 of 3. You should just be able to click next, next, finish.










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