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Fluke-323, Fluke-324 and Fluke-325 Battery Contact Terminals

The purpose of this article is to list the part numbers for the battery terminals inside the Fluke-323, Fluke-324 and Fluke-325.
The battery contacts required are two part number 4082053 single battery contacts and one part number 3625740 dual battery contact.

To order the part or parts call Fluke directly at 1-800-443-5853. 

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    I have been attempting to order a part for days. This is the MOST diddicult web site I have ever used. I am attempting to order a battery case w/ contacts for a Model 324 clamp meter.

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    Patriot Pawn

    Battery Compartment Contact Piece for FLUKE 373 number 666435 dual contact. Where to order ?

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    Jim N.

    Call Fluke directly at 1-800-443-5853.

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