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Power Log for Fluke-430-II software How to export data and importing it to Excel

The purpose of this article is to walk you through the process of exporting data from Power Log 430-II software and then open the .txt file using Excel.

Launch Power Log 430-II software and then open the file you want to export. Go to the top left corner of the program and click File and in the drop down menu select Export Data.


While viewing the Export window click on the items you want to Export and then name the file and click on the Save As button.


Another window will appear asking where you want to save it to and notice the file type is a .txt file. You can import the .txt file into Excel.


After you save the .txt file open it with Excel.


Excel will open a Import Wizard window having you go through a 3 step process. Select Delimited for step 1, select Tab in step 2 and click on Date and change it to DMY and then click Finish.

mceclip4.png      mceclip6.png


Here is what the Excel Spreadsheet will look like.




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