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How to get correct Date and Time stamp with Fluke Connect instruments

The purpose of this article is to review why the date and time stamp may be wrong when reviewing logged data from a Fluke Connect instrument and how to address this problem.

This article supports the following Fluke instruments:

Fluke-374 FC, Fluke-375 FC, Fluke-376 FC, Flk-A3000, Flk-A3001 FC, Flk-A3002 FC, Flk-A3003 FC,

Flk-A3004 FC, Flk-T3000 FC, Flk-V3000 FC and Flk-V3001.

The instruments do not have a real time clock, they use a stop watch technique. When you connect them to a computer and or a Smart Phone it counts back in time from when the recording started to set the first recording date and time and goes forward from that point.

The issue with this technique is when you use the instrument the first time and start recording, it will have a default reference to Jan 1999 rather than the current date and time.

What you need to do before you use it the first time or after you replace dead batteries is to Sync the instrument to either a Smart Phone with the Fluke Connect App or to your computer. Once you Sync to either one of those items and start logging the Date and Time stamps for your Logged data will be good.

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    Greg Cunnington

    Hi Jim
    Re 376FC
    How do you sync the instrument to a smart phone to reset the time and date.
    I have cleared all measurements and start the logging.
    When I stop the data log and download the info to the phone, the date always reads 2003

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