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Fluke-1732, Fluke-1734, Fluke-1736, Fluke-1738 How to turn on WiFi and connect it to your computer

The purpose of this Article is to show you how to turn on the WiFi function and connect it to your computer for the following Instruments. Fluke-1732, Fluke-1734, Fluke-1736 and Fluke-1738.

The Fluke-1732 does not ship with the WiFi adapter so you would need to purchase the D-Link DWA-131 adapter from a local store or online, Fluke does not sell that item.

The Fluke-1734, Fluke-1736 and Fluke-1738 come with the D-Link DWA-131 WiFi adapter. The WiFi adapter needs to be plugged into the USB port inside the battery compartment. You need to remove the Power Supply block on the back of the meter and then remove the battery door by removing the four screws and remove the battery pack. Plug the WiFi adapter into the USB port.

mceclip0.png   mceclip1.png

Put the battery door back on and tighten the screws and attach the Power Supply back to the instrument.

1. Turn on the Instrument and push the gray button labeled Memory/Setting.

2. Push the Blue button labeled F4 (Instrument Settings).


3. Push the Blue button labeled F1 (Tools).


4. Highlight WiFi configuration and push the black button Save/Enter.


If the screen shows Mode Off push the gray button labeled Save/Enter and choose Direct Connection.

If the screen already shows Direct Connection next to Mode the WiFi is active and ready to use. You need to write down the Passphrase, it's the password you'll use when connecting to the PC.


Your computer WiFi settings will ask to use a Pin or Security Key, you need to use Security Key and put in the Passphase.  You are now ready to connect to the Fluke instrument via WiFi to your computer and use the Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software. 



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