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Fluke-1735 Updating firmware

The Fluke-1735 should have firmware version 1.10. If not it should be updated and you will need the firmware upgrade tool and the firmware file. See link

If you click on the 1735 firmware upgrade tools v3.1 (.exe) you will be able to save it.




Click the arrow next to the save and you should see Save, Save As, and Save and run. We want the Save As.


This should bring up the Save as window and we want to select the place where you are saving and the file name.


Then we will have to do the same steps as above to save the firmware file.


The firmware file is above in red needs to be unzipped to do this we will do a right click on the folder and this list should show up and we want to select extract all.


This will put another folder on the desk top with the same name with no zipper on it.


First we will connect the unit to the computer with the unit in the off position.

Now we can double click the Upgrade tool to open it up and start the upgrade.


The upgrade tool opens a step 1 of 4 this first one we will click the browse button and select our firmware file.


You will have to double click the folder to see the firmware file.


Now we click on the file and then the open button. This will allow us to move to the next step. You will see your firmware file and then click the next button.


This will bring up Step 2



You will need to select the device and port that the unit is on. Push the next button.


Step 3 above is very important it will not update unless you follow the steps in red. Push install.


When it finishes it should say install successful at the top where I have circled in red and you should be able to push the finish button to exit and your unit should be updated.



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