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DPC Track2 software, transferring the software database to a new computer

The purpose of this article is to give instructions on how to transfer your DPCTrack2 software and database to a new computer.

1. Inform of your POP Number key so it can be reset for re-use on the new PC.

2. Uninstall DPCTrack2 2.1 from old machine to remove license-locking information.

      A. XP: Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall.

      B. Vista or Higher: use “Programs and Features” to uninstall.

3. Move the DPCTrack2.mdb file from the database directory (defaults to C:\DPCTrack21\Data21\) to the same folder on the new PC. You can create these folders manually.

4. After DPCTrack2 is uninstalled, you will need to send us two files. In the C:\DPCTrack21 folder, you will need to send the deactivation.pcact file and the deactivation_####_##_##_####.log file.

5. Install DPCTrack2 2.1 on the new PC. Again use the default data directory of C:\DPCTrack21\Data21.

6. Run DPCTrack2 and register with the original POP key. 

7. The NEW activation file will be emailed to you with instructions for activating. WARNING: Do not attempt to use the original activation file.

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