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Power Log Classic software is not able to communicate with your Fluke instrument.

The purpose of this article is to give you some troubleshooting ideas to solve connection issues with your Fluke instrument and Power Log Classic software. Power Log Classic software supports the following instruments: VR1710, Fluke-345, Fluke-1735 with firmware V1.10, Fluke-433, Fluke-434 with firmware V02.10 and Fluke-435.

The two main issues are either related to the USB driver or something called Active Management Technology (SOL).

On the topic of Active Management Technology (SOL) is straight forward, if it's installed on your computer it will block the USB driver from connecting to your Fluke instrument. You need to either disable it or remove it to allow the USB driver to communicate to the Fluke instrument. 


The key for the USB driver is verifying you have the correct driver and the latest version of the driver. In some cases the USB driver will install automatically and not be the latest one or didn't install completely. We have USB drivers for each of the Fluke instruments so it's not a one driver for all of the Fluke instruments. Below are the drivers available on the Fluke website for the instruments mentioned in this article. 

Here is the link to the VR1710 USB Driver.

Here is the link to the Fluke-345 USB driver.

Here is the link to the Fluke-1735 USB driver, the name of the driver you want is Fluke 1735 345 driver.exe.

The Fluke-433, Fluke-434 and Fluke-435 use an optical to USB cable called OC4USB Rev II and it's the item that uses a driver. Here is the link to the OC4USB Rev II driver.


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