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Fluke-430-II/MA option How to install

The purpose of this article is to give step by step instructions on how to install the Motor Drive Option into either one of the following instruments Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II or Fluke-437-II.


Here is the process when someone purchases the Fluke-430-II/MA.

After purchasing the item all they get is a 14 digit code (License Key) that they need to use by going to the Fluke product registration page and register the instrument.

The 14 digit code needs to be put into the License section of the registration page.

Below are two pictures of the registration page, the first picture is what the page will look like when you open the page and the second picture shows two License Key boxes that show up when you put the model number Fluke 430-II/MA in the Model Name box.

You need to put the proper serial number in the serial number box or all bets are off.

You put the 14 digit code into the License Key 1 box and then click on the Register button.

It may take up to 30 minutes but you will get an email sent to the email you put in the registration form and the email will have a 10 digit code you need to put into your Fluke-435-II.

The steps to get to the place where you put the 10 digit code into the Fluke-435-II is the following.

  1. Turn on Fluke-435-II.
  2. Push the Setup button.
  3. Push the F2 button (Version/Cal).
  4. Push the F1 button (Install Option).
  5. Enter the 10 digit code into the field and push Enter. 



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