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Connecting meter to the Fluke Connect App

Check the list of compatible smartphones on the Fluke Connect FAQ:


Step #1: Once you verify that you have a compatible smartphone, download/install the Fluke Connect App from Apple Store or Google Store if you have an Android phone.

Step #2: Create an Account for Fluke Connect and Sign in with your new account.

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Step #3: After logging in to your account, Enable Notifications and Allow Connect to Send Notifications.

***If you do not Enable and Allow, the Fluke Connect app will not be able to connect to a Fluke Connect Device.

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Step #4: Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone, or else you cannot communicate with your capable Fluke Connect device.

Step #5: Now you are ready to connect to your Fluke device. From the Fluke Connect front page, select Capture Measurements. The app will now search for activated nearby Fluke Connect tools.

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Step #6: With your smartphone in Capture mode, enable the Bluetooth signal on your Fluke device (press the Fluke Connect button on your Fluke meter) the device should appear on your screen. Select the device you want to connect with.


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