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Fluke-ii900/ii910 - Creating LeakQ Report with Fluke Connect Desktop Software

Open up the Fluke Connect Desktop software. And select the 'Imaging Reports' tab at the top of the window.

Select either the 'Create Report' or 'Create Your First Report' button.


Select 'Basic Acoustic' and hit Continue.


Check mark the AS2 files that you want to create a report with and then click on 'Add Measurements'. 


This will open the Edit/Preview window of the LeakQ report. Notice at the top of the page you have the option to select 'Operating Conditions'. Select that to edit any values or units of measurement (if you notice that your information is not correct).



If you want to include more information, like Photo Notes or Location, look on the right hand side of the Edit/Preview window and select the Measurement Info check box. Click the drop down button to the left of the check box to edit information that you want added/removed from the report.


Once the details are finalized, you can select 'Save Report' or Export to save the report as a PDF or Word document.

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