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Fluke-1735, how to download data to your PC



How to download data from the Fluke-1735 to PC.

There are two different versions of the Fluke-1735’s one with an RS232 port and one with a mini USB.

First the RS232 type:

With this version if you don't have a 9 pin serial port on your computer you will need a USB to Serial converter. In the example below we will be using the Aten USB to Serial converter model UC-232A

The serial cable that came with the Fluke-1735 part number 2625531, is an RS232 cable that connects to the Aten cable and then plug the USB end of the Aten adapter into the computer. The Aten comes with a disk that has a driver on it you will need to install the driver when the cable is plugged into the computer.

If the firmware level inside the Fluke-1735 is at level 1.09 or older you will install Power Log software version 4.0.2 if the firmware is 1.10 you will install Power Log Classic version 4.6. Here is the location for both versions of the software (

Once Powerlog is installed, you will want to open it with the Fluke-1735 turned on and plugged into the computer. The Fluke-1735 can not be in the middle of recording or it will not communicate to the computer. So be sure to stop the recording before trying to upload data.
Then click the drop down arrow to select a com port. Below are two examples of the drop down choice in Power Log program. If you are using a 9 pin serial port cable directly to your PC without the USB adapter it will be Com 1. If you are using a 9 pin serial to USB adapter it normally is COM 3 or higher depending on what ports are available when the driver is installed. Check the computers Device Manager if you do not see a Com port choice in the drop down menu. 



Second mini USB port:

When using a Fluke-1735 with a mini USB port the computer will not only need to have the Power Log program install you also have to install the Fluke-1735 USB driver.

Here is the location for both the Power Log software and the USB driver named Fluke 1735 345 drivers (.exe). 



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