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Fluke-754 - No HART device found

A common question you might have with your Fluke 754 is what do I do when the calibrator displays 'No HART device found' within the HART communication mode?



Here are a few steps to try out:

When you are in the HART screen (example image above), if the HART device you are connected to does not have an external power supply, then you can simply press the F1 button to enable Loop Power. And the 754 will search again and find the HART device.


If the Fluke 754 still does not find the device then I would double check the Setup within the calibrator before you enable the HART mode. There are two methods of connecting the calibrator to a HART device:


1. Standard test leads (recommended) using the mA Jacks on the front of the calibrator.


2. HART Communication cable plugged into the HART port on side of the calibrator.



Check the Setup on the Fluke 754 and make sure that the HART Channel is set for what ever method of connection you are using: mA Jack or HART Port (with communication cable).


You can also Enable or Disable the Loop Power from the Setup menu. 


Hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out to our Technical Support team if you have more questions or concerns.

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