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Fluke 773 - Measure and Source mA Simultaneously

Compared to the Fluke 771 and 772, the Fluke 773 is the only device that will be able to measure and source mA simultaneously. The clamp will measure and the test leads will source the signal.


To get your meter into this mode takes a few button presses, here are the steps:


1. Turn your Fluke 773 on.

2. Press the yellow button and the word 'Shift' should appear on the display. Now press the mA SCALE key. The display will now have two filled in circles next to the word Clamp and the word Scale.

3. Press the yellow button again and select the mA IN/OUT button. You should now see the words Measure and Source in the upper left portion of the display.


4. And now you are ready to measure and source. Here is an example:


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