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Fluke-1AC-A1-II Volt Alert how to turn on the beep function

The purpose of this article is to show you the steps of how to turn on the Fluke-1AC-A1-II with the beep function on or off. 

The key is when you push the green button the length of time you hold down the green button will determine if the beep tone is on or off.

To start , the Fluke-1AC-A1-II must be off. To determine if the meter is off, the white tip will not be flashing red. To turn off: Push green button deeply and hold - it will beep.

To use with the beep function on:

The first step to turn it on is to push and release the Green button for 1 second and you will hear a double beep.  The white tip of the Fluke-1AC-A1-II will start blinking with a red light. Touch the tip of the Fluke-1AC-A1-II to an energized wire and it will beep and the tip will glow red indicating the wire is energized. 

To use without the beep function:

You can also turn on the Fluke-1AC-A1-II without using the beep function. Again, you must start with the meter off. The steps are to push the Green button longer than 1 second and you will not hear the double beep but the white tip will start to blink red letting you know the sensor is ready to pick up an active energized circuit. The tip will glow red when it picks up the voltage. 

If you leave it on it will turn off automatically after 5 minutes, you will hear a beep and the tip will stop blinking. 



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