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Fluke 805 FC - Creating and Adding to Setups

Adding to Setups are 2nd level identifications for specific locations on motors or for specific bearings as an example. Once created, since there is no data tied to the 2nd level IDs, they will not show up in memory. If you created second level ID within a Setup and captured a vibration measurement, when you hit 'Save' you should be able to navigate and save your results to the secondary levels. Once data is associated with a 2nd level ID it will show up in the memory.

Here is an example of the setup process:

STEP 1 –SETUP : Press the grey “Setup” button

1. Use the arrows to select “Create NEW setup”, Press “Enter”.

2. Use arrows to scroll through predefined machine categories. Select “Horiz Centrif –Single Suction” pump (for both pump & motor)

3. Motor 1800 RPM => Select RPM Range > 600 RPM, press “Enter”.

4. Enter machine name -use arrows to move from one character to next. Push “Enter” button to confirm. To delete characters, push “Back”. When name complete (TW Pump 3), Press “Save”.

5. Display asks “ Add to Setup?” Select Yes to add a 2nd Level ID (bearing location).

SETUP –2nd Level

6. Create bearing location on motor (Brg 1 or 2), and one on pump (Brg 3 or 4). 

7. After enter bearing name, push “Save”. On saving 2ndlevel ID, it again displays same pop up message. Can add as many number of 2ndlevel ID, this process continues until “No” selected.

8. Add 2ndLevel ID to existing setup: Navigate to Setup Menu Screen (press Setup key), select “Add to Setup” option. 1st level IDs are listed (sorted by name).

9. Select setup –1stlevel ID to which 2ndlevel ID is to be added –repeat steps 6 & 7.

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