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Having trouble viewing your quote?

If you have received a quote but are unable to view it and receive something similar to the example below;


The most common reason for this issue is the email client is attempting to prevent images from being downloaded as a safety precaution. This can be a helpful feature to avoid unwanted images from downloading from spam emails however this can occasionally affect important images from being downloaded and viewed as well. There are a few options to resolve this which are depicted below;


Safe Senders List

Depending on your email client, you may see a banner message at the top of your email that looks something like this;


Safe Sender's List which is a feature found in Microsoft Outlook, is a list of trusted senders where Outlook will download and display images from trusted sources. Depending on your version of Microsoft Outlook, there should be several options available to you. Clicking on the banner should present several options to you with the "Add Sender to Safe Senders List" being the best option. 



Choosing this option from trusted emails from Fluke will allow images to be included in future emails. 


Download Pictures

The download pictures option is also available and allows you to download the pictures on a case by case basis. While this may not be ideal in situations where you receive emails from Fluke on a regular basis, this allows you to determine whether each email is safe. 


Using a different email client other than Microsoft Outlook?

There are many options available for email clients which means the approach to achieving the results above will vary. While each client may approach this topic differently, the concept should be similar amongst the most popular versions. In these cases, reviewing help guides for the respective email client is suggested.

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