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Can I send my laser to you for calibration?

We currently do not offer any type of calibration services. If your PLS 3, 4, 5, 6, 180, 360, 480, HVL 100, or FT 90 is out of calibration, please use our 3-year warranty service to request a replacement product.

For our older PLS rotary lasers (HLE/HR/HVR/HDR) models, you may be able to pay for calibration services through a rotary service center/survey shop, and if within the 3-year warranty period, you may also request a new replacement product through your tool shop (where you made the purchase) or directly through Fluke/PLS.

For our new lineup of PLS rotary lasers (H2/HV2R/HV2G), we will be establishing a list of authorized service centers that can perform calibration services as well as warranty-covered repairs. When we release this list of providers, we will update this page and create a new page listing all authorized providers.

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