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Will my old PLS accessories work with the new PLS tools released in 2019?

The answer is… kind of. The PLS 3 Floor Stand (PLS-20292) and our two metal L-brackets (PLS-20295 and PLS-21025) will work if you either add a washer or replace the knob with our new gray knob. The new products have a shallower depth so the current accessory screws are a bit too long. We will be posting a video soon with more instructions on how to modify your existing brackets.

The PLS 4 (PLS-21024) and PLS 5 (PLS-20844) floor stands are unfortunately too narrow to work with the new products.

The PLS 6R/G and PLS 180R/G models now operate in full time pulse/detect mode and are compatible with the PLS Red (PLS-60533) and Green (PLS-60618) SLDs. Our new PLS 3R/G and PLS 5R/G are NOT compatible with the PLS HVD 500 point detector (PLS-60545).

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