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PIN is not required when using Fluke Connect App on Phone

This article is meant to help you understand what to do if your Phone is requiring you to use a PIN when connect your Fluke instrument using Bluetooth and the Fluke Connect App. 

When you install the Fluke Connect App make sure and agree to the App controlling your phone and all you need to do is turn on Bluetooth, do not try to use your Bluetooth settings to find the Fluke instrument because it will be the place that will ask for the PIN number.

See below example this is the phone Bluetooth setting seeing the Fluke meter A3000FC and asking for the PIN. 


Just make sure your phones Bluetooth function is turned on and then launch the Fluke Connect App. Once the App is open and you sign into your account you should see the below screen. Click on Connect and Capture Measurements and the App will search for Fluke tools that have the Bluetooth radio turned on.


Here is an example of the Fluke-376FC Clampmeter being discovered by the Fluke Connect App. Tap on the yellow bar and the screen will show a live reading of the meter. 


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