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Fluke-190 Series II How to Manually install the USB driver.

The purpose of the article is to show you how to manually install the Fluke-190 Series II USB driver.

  1. Create a File Folder on your desktop and name it Fluke USB Driver.
  2. Go to the attachment in the article and download the Fluke-190 Series II USB driver.
  3. Go to your download directory and extract the Fluke-190 Series II USB driver files to the Fluke USB Driver File Folder you created on the Desktop.
  4. Turn on Fluke-190 Series II Scopemeter.
  5. Connect USB cable to instrument and a USB port on computer. 
  6. Open the computers Device Manager by right clicking on Windows Icon in bottom left corner of computer screen. 
  7. Select Device Manager in the list by left clicking on that item. 


8. Once the Device Manger window opens look down the list looking for directory named Other Devices and inside that directory will be a USB Serial Port with an exclamation point.


9. Right click on the USB Serial Port and select update driver, select Browse my computer for driver software.

10. Navigate the browser to your desktop and select the Fluke USB Driver folder and install.

11. It may take a few minutes for the driver to install, to verify the driver has installed go back to the Device Manger and the Other device directory will go away and the Ports directory will show Fluke USB Serial Port with a Com number.

12. If you have the (Intel Active Management Technology (SOL) item in the Ports Directory it will causes the Fluke driver to not work properly, it needs to be uninstalled or disabled. See below circled in Red. 


Look at the Device Manager and see the Fluke USB Serial Port in the Ports Directory and also see the Universal Serial Bus controllers directory show the Fluke 190 Scopemeter that means everything is good to go. See above circled in Green. 

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