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Thermal Imager Camera's that come with a Calibration Certificate

This article will review what is the difference between a Calibration Certificate and a Certificate of Calibration and what model numbers come with the Calibration Certificate. 

The Calibration Certificate you have access to for a new thermal imager is created at the factory on the manufacturing floor and is meant to give you confidence the Camera met the specifications in the manual after is was built. It doesn't have a recalibration date to be recertified like a Certificate of Calibration, only the date it was done. Also note it was Certified By the QA Manager while a Certificate of Calibration is signed by the Calibration Technician that performed the Calibration procedure at the Service Center.

Here is an example of a Calibration Certificate:




The Calibration Certificate does not come in the package of the camera, you need to download it using either Fluke Connect Desktop software of Smartview software. The following model numbers have access to the Calibration Certificate: TiS60+, Ti300+, Ti400+, Ti480 Pro, TiX501, TiX580, RSE300 and RSE600. Here is an article showing how to use both programs to download the Calibration Certificate Downloading Calibration Certificate for TiS60+, Ti300+, Ti400+, Ti401 Pro, Ti480 Pro, TiX501, TiX580, RSE300, RSE600

You will need an activation code to use the WiFi feature to connect to your PC or make sure the USB driver for the camera is installed on your computer if you want to use the USB cable. If you need help with the WiFi or USB driver topic give us a call at 1-800-873-5853. Step by Step instructions for installing the the USB driver open article Installing RNDIS Driver.


A Certificate of Calibration is created in the Calibration Lab and ideally the discussion about the need to have a Certificate of Calibration will come up during the ordering of the camera and it has an additional cost. The camera will go from the factory over to the Calibration Lab and after the evaluation the Certificate of Calibration will have a created date and the annual calibration date with a sticker to put on the camera stating the calibration date and the expiration date of one year. 
If you need a Certificate of Calibration the camera would have to be sent back to the Fluke Calibration Lab and you would pay for the service. The Fluke Calibration Lab can be reached at 1-888-993-5853.

Here is an example of a Certificate of Calibration:





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