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Fluke-189 and Fluke-187 IR Cable and adapter for connecting to PC

The purpose of this article is to show the correct cable and adapter for the Fluke-187 and Fluke-189. 

Both of the multimeters have an IR window on the top that that needs the adapter attached or you will not be able to connect the IR cable to the meter.
You need to purchase the FVF-SC2 because it comes with the FlukeviewForms software, the IR cable model number IR189USB and the adapter part number (1576688). 
Below is a picture of the IR189USB cable and the adapter (1576688) along with two pictures of the meter one the adapter beginning the process of attaching and the other with it fully seated in place.
The adapter will line up the IR port at the top of the meter and the IR sensors in the IR189USB cable. 

If you require the driver for the IR189USB cable and how to verify the cable and driver are working properly refer to another article IR189USB - Installing Drivers 


mceclip0.png            mceclip1.png

mceclip2.png        mceclip3.png

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