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Data Logging parameters using Fluke-378FC, Fluke-376FC, Fluke-375FC and Fluke-374FC.

The purpose of this article is to review how to use the Logging function for the Fluke-378FC, Fluke-376FC, Fluke-375FC and Fluke-374FC.

To begin with the three meters have internal memory capacity of 65,000 Data point sets and each set includes the Minimum, Maximum and Average reading over the interval time you set. The sampling rate of the meter when gathering data is 125ms or we can say 8 readings per second. To give an example if we set the Interval time at 1 minute the meter will gather the 8 readings per second for 1 minute (480 readings) and keep the highest reading, lowest reading and the average. Keep in mind the battery life of these instruments is 150 hours and that is the maximum length of time for recording. In the example of setting the interval to 1 minute and record for 150 hours you would only use 9,000 data points sets of the maximum 65,000. 

The process for managing the Interval Logging time, duration of the Logging session and deleting the memory require you use the Fluke Connect App on your phone. A new meter does not have a reference to the correct date or time so you need to sync the meter to your phone using the Fluke Connect App to set the correct date and time before Logging or you time and date will be incorrect. 

Also need to sync to your phone after replacing batteries in the meter because it will not hold the previous sync when batteries die. 

The Fluke Connect App also has a Record feature and the maximum length of time is 10 minutes and the interval is fixed at 1 second. 


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