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Fluke-1550C and Fluke-1555 with firmware greater than V1.28

The purpose of this article is to inform you of the Fluke-1550C and Fluke-1555 firmware level upgrade to V1.28.

The Fluke-1550C and Fluke-1555 are compatible with Flukeview Forms software and the IR189USB cable if the firmware is below level 1.28.

If the firmware is at 1.28 or greater the upgrade causes the instrument to no longer be compatible with Flukeview Forms or the IR189USB cable.

The Fluke Connect App will be the compatible program and you need to purchase the IR3000FC 1550 adapter to communicate with Fluke Connect App.

See below IR adapters the IR3000FC 1550 is the one on the right with the tapered edge, the other one is compatible with the Fluke-287, Fluke-289 and Fluke-789 and the model number for the one is on the left and the model number is IR3000FC.


  mceclip1.png          mceclip2.png     

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