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Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II, Fluke-437-II and Fluke-438-II reason for OL amperage results

The purpose of this article is to discuss the reason for a Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II, Fluke-437-II or Fluke-438-II shows OL results for Amperage results.

The reason you can see OL results is based on two possibilities, the range selected for the amperage channels is set to low. See below screen shot of a Setup screen, notice the A Range is set for 300A. If the level you are meaning to measure is above that level you will get OL results.

You need to adjust the range to be above the level you plan on measuring. The steps to change the range is to highlight the amperage section of the Setup screen like you see below and push the enter button. The other screen Setup Scaling you scroll down and highlight the Nominal range section and use your right or left arrow keys to increase or decrease the level.

mceclip0.png  mceclip1.png

The second reason is related to the amperage sensitivity setting. The default setting is set to x10 AC only which is ok if the amount of THD is less than 20% but if the level is greater than 20% you will get OL results. Scroll down and highlight the x10 AC only and use either the right or left arrow keys to change it to x1.

mceclip2.png  mceclip3.png

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