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Fluke US telephone system outage - Sept 27-28, 2021

For assistance during this phone outage, please use this link to Submit a request or use the same link at the top of this page. This creates a ticket that our teams can use to assist you even during the telephone system outage.

Outage Description

Fluke US is experiencing technical problems with our telephone system provider, beginning Sept 27, 2021, and continuing Sept 28, 2021. Inbound calls to Fluke may fail entirely or may appear to go through and connect only to have no audio from one or both parties. This issue appears to be caused by an upstream provider of telephone services to Fluke.

We understand the frustration that this causes for our customers, distributors, and also our Fluke teams who are eager to assist you. Our Fluke IT teams are working on this issue as a Priority Level 1 issue and appreciate your patience as we find a solution.


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