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Fluke 700P or 750P Pressure Module - Strap, adapters (part numbers)

The only replaceable parts for Fluke 700 series pressure modules (700P, 750P) are the straps, adapters and cable. 

See either of these articles for cable replacement:
Fluke 750P Series Pressure module cable assembly part number and drawing

Fluke 700P Series Pressure module cable assembly part number and drawing


The only Fluke pressure module strap that is available is below. It is the same size/shape as the one used in the EX models, but the one in the EX models is not available. 

Part Number: 946603
Description: FLUKE-700-2013 ,STRAP, PRESSURE MODULE


Here is some information on adapters:

Notes: The module connection is 1/8 inch female NPT that is slightly modified to ensure full insertion of the adapters with o-rings (no thread tape required when using the supplied adapters). The 1/8 NPT male adapters are slightly under-sized to also ensure full insertion into the pressure module. If you are using one of our adapters with an o-ring seal, then you do not need sealing tape. If you use other 1/8-27 NPT threaded fittings (e.g Swagelok) then use sealing tape. 

Part Number: 4435764
Description: ADAPTER, 1/8IN NPT-M TO 1/4 IN NPT-M, 315 SS

Part Number: 4435773
Description: ADAPTER, 1/8IN NPT-M TO 1/4IN BSP-M, 316 SS

Part Number: 4435786
Description: ADAPTER, 1/8IN NPT-M TO M20-M, 316 SS


See this kit of adapters with a high pressure hose also.

Part Number: 4623306


See pressure module calibration kit information here (kit to calibrate pressure modules),
Fluke 700PCK Pressure Calibration Kit

Part Number: 4018509

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