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Fluke-1742, Fluke-1746, and Fluke-1748 Registering License Problems (Wrong Serial Number)

The purpose of this article is to list the four possible problems you may experience when registering licenses for the Fluke-1742, Fluke-1746, and Fluke-1748. This article will show details of the first article entering the wrong serial number. The three other problems are in different articles.

  1. Entered in the wrong serial number when registering.
  2. Entered the wrong model when registering.
  3. Customer saved the file and changed the original name or the extension is not just .txt at the end.
  4. Unit already had the license they are trying to install.                                                                      

Once you submit the registration page you will get a email and the attached text file should show the correct model and serial number in the file name, if not you will have to submit another registration and make sure the serial number and model number are correct.  

Make sure you created a folder in the USB stick named Fluke174x and placed the file you received via email into that folder before inserting the USB stick into the meter.

Example of entering the wrong serial number when registering:

When registering or entering a license key you want to make sure the serial number being entered into the Fluke registration page is correct. To receive the proper key to enable a feature. Below is an example of entering the correct model number but the wrong serial number, the correct serial number should of been 32960844, see the correct serial number on the other picture below.  If the wrong serial number was indeed entered simply re-register the tool on the website to receive the proper key.


Once registration is completed you will receive a key to update the instrument functionality which will be an attached text file.  Confirm that serial number you received matches the instrument. See below picture of the file sent and it matches how you filled out the registration page. In this example the correct model number but the incorrect serial number and if you try using the file it will not work. 


Identifying the product serial number can be accomplished by looking at the back of the tool.  See below picture of a serial number.


It is possible the serial number is damaged, or the label is missing.  The 174X products the meter will need to be connected to a PC with Energy Analyze to observe the serial number. Once connected to the PC select the Setup option.


Once connected the serial number will be visible.


Note the serial number above is 40274837. 

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