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Security Key for CLKT IR Windows

The purpose of this article is to reveal the part number for the key and off the shelf Torx Screwdriver.

The Fluke part number for the Security Key is part number 3794174 and can be ordered from Fluke directly by calling 1-800-443-5853.

If you misplace the screws Fluke does not sell them but you can get them at a local hardware store or online by using this description  SCREW,M3-0.5 X 8MM L,BUTTON HEAD,HEXALOBULAR T10 SECURITY DRIVE,SS for the two security screws.

This description SCREW,M3-0.5 X 12MM,DIN 7500M,FLAT,STEEL,ZINC PL,TRILOBULAR,THREAD ROLLING SCREW for the three flathead screws. 



Another choice is to purchase a Torx T25 Screwdriver from a local store or online.



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