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Fluke-1750 - Convert .odn file to Excel

The purpose of this article is to give step by step instruction on how to Export data from the Power Analyze software program to Excel. 

The Power Analyze software program shows data in a split screen view with a Upper window and Lower window. The Upper window time is fixed with a 10 minute resolution and shows the entire time of the file. You can zoom into a smaller amount of time on Lower window by moving the cursors in the Upper window and the Lower window time will resolve down to the time between the cursors.
Below is the Upper window and I've circled in red the cursor value and have a red arrow pointing to the place in time of the cursor.
If you move the cursors closer together the Lower window shows that amount of time only. 



Below is another shot of the Upper window but I've moved the cursors closer together. 

Below is the Lower window in the program showing the data between the cursors above. When you export the data you will get a Excel Spreadsheet with both groups of data. The Upper window data will be the 10 minute resolution data for the entire time recorded but the Lower window data will reflect what is between the cursors. 

You need to click on File and choose Export to Excel.


Here is an example of the Excel Spreadsheet with Upper and Lower table. When you click on Upper table you get the 10 min resolution but when you click on the Lower table you get the time between the cursors.



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