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Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II, Fluke-437-II, Fluke-438-II Export data to Excel

The purpose of this article is to show step by step instructions on how to Export data to Excel from the Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II, Fluke-437-II and Fluke-438-II.

The first step is to get the data from the Fluke-435-II to your PC using the Power Log software, here is an article for that step. Here is the link to an article to perform that task.

Once you get that done the Power Log software has an Export data function which will create a .txt file but you can import a .txt file into Excel. Below is a screen of how to access the Export data feature. 


Depending on the data that was collected the Export window will offer a list that supports those measurements. 
Check the boxes of what you want to Export and if you want the Max, Avg and Min measurements and give the file a name and click on Save As. See below example.


Here is the next screen example, type in the file name and direct the location on your computer where you want to save the file as .txt.


Open the .txt file using Excel see below, be sure and change the file type to Text Files (*.prn,*.txt,*.csv). 


Excel will use the Import Wizard three step process. Step 1 select Delimited, Step 2 select Tab delimiters, Step 3 select Date and change it to DMY and click Finish.


Here is an example of the Excel Spreadsheet.




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