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Fluke-434-II, Fluke-435-II, Fluke-437-II, Fluke-438-II how to create Report using Power Log software.

The purpose of this article is to show step by step instructions of creating a Report and either printing it to a printer or .pdf file.

Once you get the data from the Fluke instrument to your PC within the Power Log software program we will start from that point. If you need help downloading data from the Fluke instrument to your PC review this article. .

Below is a screen shot of Power Log with a file open and going to the Print Report feature. You click on File and in the drop down menu select Print Report. 


The next step is to decide what you want to include in the Report, you can only include what type of measurements are in the file.
You will see other parameters but they will be grayed out if the file does not have that type of measurement and you are not able to choose them.


Once you click on the OK button you have to choose if you want to print to your computer or something else like a .pdf file instead.
See below example. If you choose the PDF choice another window will pop up asking you to name the pdf file and where you want to save it.




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