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Fluke-3000 FC connecting to Fluke Connect App

Depending on what level of firmware inside the Fluke-3000 FC will determine how you get the meter in the position to turn on the Bluetooth radio so it can talk with the Fluke Connect App. 


The older version of firmware works in this manner. To connect to your Fluke 3000 FC multimeter with your supported iPhone, you need to press and hold the Fluke Connect button mceclip0.png while you turn on the meter. The display will then read “MOD” and be in module mode.  After that is displayed, let go of the Fluke Connect button.  With the meter in module mode, you will be able to see it listed as a FC tool in your app and be able to connect to it in a similar fashion.  Keep in mind that the 3000 FC does not have logging capabilities and the recording time via the app will be limited to 10 minutes. 

The newer version of firmware works in this manner. You turn on the Fluke-3000 FC multimeter and then push the Fluke Connect button mceclip0.png and the display shows these options. mceclip0.png You highlight the App box when you want the Fluke-3000 FC to work with phone App and you highlight the Tools box when you want to communicate with the Fluke Connect Tools. 

After you choose the App box the next step is to launch the Fluke Connect App on your phone, on the Home screen of the App choose Connect and Capture Measurements and the App will find the Fluke-3000 FC meter and you tap on phone screen to complete the connection and the screen on your App will show the live readings on the Fluke-3000 FC multimeter. 

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