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Distribution Online Order System FAQ

  • Q: What is the Distributor Online Order System?
    • A: The Distributor Online Order System is a new and improved online portal where you can find
      information on pricing and availability, search for products, create and save quotes, convert quotes to
      orders, view order details, and track shipments. It creates an enhanced user experience by providing
      real-time order information in one place, saving you time.
  • Q: What’s changed from the old portal?
    • A: New capabilities, improved user interface, easy navigation, time saved. You get the information you need in one convenient location, faster.
  • Q: Where can I learn more?
    • A: Fluke is hosting multiple, live, 60-minute webinars to teach distributors to: register for the portal, view transaction status, obtain pricing and availability, and create quotes and orders. You will be able to ask questions during live Q&A. Three webinars will be hosted to accommodate varying schedules; the information covered will be the same in each session. The webinars will be recorded and viewable after the event.
  • Q: Where do I find the user manual?
  • Q: Who can I contact for additional help and/or technical questions?
    • A: Email for assistance.
  • Q: What is not available?
    • A: The below item categories have been excluded from the Fluke Distribution Online Ordering System. It is also coded to only show items you are contracted to purchase.
      • Drop Ship Orders
      • Special Pricing Orders (Promo/ Educational/ SPA)
      • Credit Card Orders
      • Secondary Calibration (additional line being added for calibration, models with “CAL” in the name will appear in the list of available products)
      • Care Plans
      • Configured FCAL items
      • Custom Pomona items
  • Why don’t I see the option to create quote/ order?
    • A: Verify your default addresses have been set up. Navigation: User Profile -> Preferences -> Orders [TAB] -> Select Address. If the default addresses are set and you are still unable to view the options to create quote/ order, email to request help.

Note: Fluke Distribution Online Ordering System will only recognize existing active Oracle
addresses. No Drop ship orders can be submitted using this tool. If a distributor address is missing,
please contact

  • Q: Can I make changes to an order after it has been submitted?
    • A: Once an order has been submitted, changes cannot be made using the web portal. However, you may send the written request with the Fluke transaction number or your PO number to and they will make the change.
  • Q: I get prepaid freight, why does my order not reflect this?
    • A: Please review the three criteria below. If all are met, please email
      • Order status shows “booked” or “closed”. (Entered orders will not have changed yet)
      • PPD level has been exceeded
      • Order is not shipping via air (UPS overnight or 2day)
  • Q: Why does my order show an under minimum surcharge?
    • A: The system is set up to automatically add the under minimum surcharge at time of saving the quote/submitting an order if the minimum has not been met. Add on requests will be accepted if lines have not shipped. Contact with your PO number, transaction number, item number and quantity.
  • Q: Why do some items pre-populate a quantity more than 1?
    • A: Accounts will default to the standard packs based on their contract. If the quantity is more than 1, a standard pack is in effect. This will also allow you to only order in multiples of the standard pack.
  • Q: Why did my quantity change when uploading a CSV?
    • A: The system automatically changes quantity to comply with the nearest standard pack if applicable
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