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MDA-550-III will not download reports

The issue with this MDA-550-III is most likely due to an incorrect ID of the instrument

If you have this unit connected to FlukeView-2 (of ‘FV2’) the FV2 screen will now read like this:


The proper line of text can be seen in the following screen copy:


This error was caused at manufacturing.  With the wrong instrument ID, FV-2 sees this is a product of the series-II and behaves accordingly. 
This creates a mismatch, making that you can’t download the reports holding the measurement results.

We have a flashtool available that will correct the model number for certain units, and that will load the correct model number in the instrument. 
Also, it will make the 100:1 probes that are standard on the MDA’s (and recommended for most measurements in MDA-mode), into the default probe type. 
This flashloader corrects only the two elements just mentioned, will not affect the contents of user memories.

The flashtool works only with MDA-instruments that have the V1.0 .... V1.2 firmware in them, only with certain serial numbers.

How to apply?
Download the flashtool, and remember where on your PC you store it. See Attachment at bottom

Make a USB-cable connection between PC and the MDA-III, then check in the device manager to find the COM-port to which the ScopeMeter (‘USB serial device’) is connected (in the screen copy at the right, this is COM 22).  The flashtool will ask you for this COM-port. 

With the MDA-550-III connected to the PC, you may get to see 2 COM ports assigned to the USB, from within the device manager of which only 1 is actually used.  Usually this is the first one of the two. 
Also make sure you have the serial number of the instrument available, the flashtool will ask for that, too.  The serial number can be found on the rear of in instrument as an 8-digit number (56xxxxxx), it can also be found in the USER > Version & Cal menu on screen.


Run the executable, with the instrument connected to the USB-port.


We’re currently working and testing a new firmware version (V1.3) for the series-III, the flashloader of that will automatically correct the model number of the affected MDA-III’s and will set the default probes for those as 100:1. 


With the ID corrected, the MDA-550-III will communicate with FV2 over the USB cable and should allow you to download the reports (see 2nd screen copy, above).



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