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Active and Passive Tracing with the UAT-600 Series

The UAT-600 Series comes as a complete kit with a Transmitter, Receiver, test lead kit, Signal Clamp (UAT-620 kit), batteries, and extra fuses. For passive mode applications you can use the Receiver alone to detect energized wires and buried metal pipes. In active mode you can use the UAT-600 Transmitter to generate a unique 8kHz or 33kHz signal that can then be detected by the Receiver.

Passive modes

The easiest and quickest way to locate energized wires and metallic pipes is by using the UAT-600 Receiver without the Transmitter. You can set the Receiver in either of two passive modes to detect a signal directly from a live circuit:

  • 50/60 Hz mode detects 50Hz or 60Hz energized electrical lines
  • Radio frequency mode detects buried metal objects such as electrical lines in metal conduit or gas and water lines.

Active modes

The intuitive UAT-600 Series Transmitter offers three types of active mode tracing, and automatically selects the correct mode for your application:

Direct test lead contact signal injection

The UAT-600 Series, with its CAT IV 600 V rating makes it uniquely suited for applications where you have access to an energized circuit. Now you don’t have to shut down power to the circuit. You can safely connect the transmitter directly to an energized circuit (up to 600 V) using the test leads. The UAT-600 kit also includes a ground rod to provide a separate ground for the UAT-600 Transmitter.

Connecting directly to the circuit via test leads delivers the best accuracy when you need to trace a single wire in an area where multiple wires are overlapping. It is particularly useful for locating shorts, opens, and breaks in energized lines, and for locating underground connections and junction boxes.


Signal Clamp non-contact signal injection

For applications with low impedance closed circuits, where it is difficult or impossible to access a lead connection point, you can use the UAT-600 Signal Clamp (UAT-620 kit) with the Transmitter. This allows you to trace individual energized and de-energized wires and metallic pipes without a direct connection to the bare metal of the wire. The Signal Clamp fits over cables, wires, and pipes up to 4” in diameter to trace a specific pipe or cable. This is a good choice for tracing underground lighting systems, verifying substation or junction box wiring, or tracing the “last mile” of wires from the transformer to the building.


Induction non-contact signal injection

If you can’t access an energized line to map buried metal utilities, the UAT-600 Transmitter in induction mode generates a unique 8 kHz or 33 kHz pulsing signal into the ground. Anything below the Transmitter that has any kind of metallic conductor takes the pulse and reflects it directly to the entire grid. You can then use the UAT-600 Receiver to trace the signal and determine the depth of the pipe and the direction it runs. The UAT-600 Transmitter needs to be placed at least 65 feet from buildings or electrical towers to avoid signal interference.


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