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ii900 and ii910 Periodic Maintenance guidelines questions and answers.


I'd like to ask some technical questions regarding its periodic maintenance and diagnostic tools of both the ii900 and ii910. Below are the question and answers in Red. 


  1. On start-up does the unit run a self-diagnosis of its functionality to identify any system failures.  Yes.
  2. Do the Microphone/Sensors/Unit ever require Calibration / Service? No calibration required.  We offer a performance test through Fluke service which some people use annually to ensure product is working well.  This includes a cleaning of the sensor head area as sometimes dust and debris builds up.
  3. Will the unit display an error message if Microphones are blocked or malfunctioning without going into the settings? No you need to to use the self-test available on the ii900 in the settings area.
  4. If there is a failure of the process of Testing the Microphones after repeat cleaning, please provide a Calibration Service Agent that can rectify units in each of the following ports LAX, SYD and MEL.  You need to send the instrument into the Fluke service but first call 1-888-993-5853 to setup a RMA.
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